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Identifying a Path to Manufacturing 4.0

Posted By David Brousell, September 13, 2016

CIblog.jpgWhen I think about the journey that manufacturers are undertaking to reach the promised land of Manufacturing 4.0, the old joke about Carnegie Hall often pops up in my mind.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall, the man asks? Answer: practice!

Well, it is certainly going to take a great deal of experimentation, trial and error, and, yes, practice with the new technologies and methods that constitute Manufacturing 4.0 for manufacturers to reap the benefits of this next wave of industrial progress. But it is going to take a lot more than just practice.

What manufacturers need most to make the journey as smooth as possible is a real thought-out strategy that sets clear goals, defines objectives, anticipates challenges, and lays out an implementation plan that can be achieved. Now, that may seem like a routine formula, one that every company practices as a matter of course. But - trust me – it isn't.

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Posted by Jeff Moad on Aug 08, 2016
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Green Manufacturers Are Taking the LEED  in Sustainability

Perhaps one of the most uncharted implications of the journey to Manufacturing 4.0 is how new digital technologies, pervasive sensor networks, lean production models, smart products, and advanced new materials can help the global manufacturing industry achieve higher levels of sustainability in their operations. Green manufacturing also saves money. Sometimes, a whole lot of money. Read More →

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